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We enjoyed a great week on the latest Props Course at Shepperton Studios in July. A big thank you to Prop Master Muffin Green, Asst Prop Master Ben Johnson, Chargehand Mike Syson and Storeperson Ben Hopwood. It was particularly encouraging to have Dressing Prop Alex Lanning join us as a tutor – since completing the Props Course in 2015, Alex has worked on The Untitled Danny Boyle/Richard Curtis film, Mary Queen of Scots, The Favourite, Paddington 2, Annihilation, Dunkirk and Bridget Jones’ Baby – proof indeed that this works! Everyone worked very hard and we wish them all the very best of luck as they progress through the department. Since completing the course, five of the trainees have already been given contracts on studio productions. Fantastic news – hope they put everything they have learnt into practice….! We are confident the others won’t be far behind…

Empty space transformed into a dressed set!  Props Course- Shepperton Studios, July 2018


The latest round of our mentoring network has now drawn to a close. A HUGE thank you to the amazing mentors who joined us on this round:

The next round of this successful scheme is now open – an application form can be found on our website here. Deadline for applications is 5th September 2018.


Is your CV being sent out but you’re not getting many call backs? Or not sure who to send it to and when?
Our afternoon CV and Networking Workshop will check that it is written in the correct film industry format and that it is reaching the right people at the right time. We’ll also look at how to network effectively and when to follow up with people you have talked to. These are purposefully small groups of up to 6 people so that we can focus on each individual approach to industry.
One afternoon can make a huge difference in understanding how to present yourself and reach the people you need. During this session we will look at:

  • What to include in an industry CV and what to leave out
  • Who to contact, how and when to do it and how to follow up


Please get in touch if you are interested


It’s nearly September – new pencil cases, new notebooks and a renewed sense of purpose! So, this month we are looking at new beginnings. And the top tip is one we get asked for a lot – how to get in or on in the industry. So, if you are starting out and looking to get into film, or making that big step towards getting the job you want, focus on how to best present yourself. Get your database of contacts sorted – this is the foundation of all your networking – and get your CV looking like an industry one. Remember you may not have lots of credits but you will have more transferable skills than you think. Look out for training courses and opportunities – there are loads out there – network, follow industry organisations on social media, keep positive and put yourself out there. Something will come your way!


  • The news that Creative Skillset training funding is being released in the next few months – music to our ears! Great to see the beginnings of the new 10 point plan being put into action by Gareth Unwin Ellis and the Film Team.
  • London Film Festival line up has been announced – and it’s looking good! Not just for seeing some long-awaited new films, but also for seeing what some of our trainees have been up to. Particularly looking forward to seeing The Favourite (which had several of our Props trainees doing great work with lots of candles!)
  • Mini breaks! Been doing lots of trips to different UK cities and new counties recently – some work, some not – and have loved being reminded how diverse and beautiful the UK is. Spectacular locations – cities, sea and countryside –  and some amazing pubs! We are going to be running far more national and regional programmes throughout 2018/9 and really looking forward to it. Keep an eye on the website for more information.



So pleased to announce we will be running a long awaited Props Training Course in July 17th – 20th at Shepperton Studios. The course will be taught by Prop Master Muffin Green, Asst Prop Master Ben Johnson and Storeperson Ben Hopwood. This is a well established course and continues to be supported and developed by leading Prop Masters and their teams. It is the perfect base from which to start and further a career in Props. 


More details are here and you can DOWNLOAD AN APPLICATION FORM HERE


We will be holding our summer networking drinks on 14th June at Picturehouse Central. This is an ideal opportunity to meet other practitioners, trainees and people who have been on the Mentoring Network. Great chance to catch up with people and find out who is up to what! More information and tickets here


Our latest round of mentees have now had their Induction workshop and are staring their one to ones. A HUGE thank you to the amazing mentors joining us on this round – Supervising Art Director Denis Schnegg, Prop Master Lee Wiseman, Camera Operator Peter Robertson, Camera Assistant Peter Byrne, Producer Gavin Humphries, Head of Production Ink Factory Tracey Josephs, Head of Development Studio Canal Dan MacRae, Assistant Director Zoe Liang, and Asst Set Dec Netty Chapman.


Netty Chapman, Asst Set Dec (Beauty & the Beast, Darkest Hour)) has given us an array of amazing top tips this month – here are some of her highlights:
“This industry requires an open and resourceful & curious mindset, a lateral way of thinking around unusual props for sets & problem solving with limited time scales. Taking slow, deep breaths in those moments.  Panicking will not help you or anyone else.  It is always alright and we always get it done!
Accepting people have their ways of doing things.  There are no set rules, every Set Decorator runs their department in their instinctive way. There is a basic formula for it to run by way of script, schedule and getting the sets dressed in time but the process of getting there will be slightly different each time.

So, rolling with that and being flexible of mind is essential. Communication is key. Awareness is also key, there are many other people trying to do their part of the job. Respecting your HOD’s creativity with sensitivity is something to think about.  Giving them full support.  They are under a lot of pressure with many questions by lots of team members,
Linking in with other departments getting to know what they do on this collaborative rollercoaster is useful to get the job done with ease. A friendly approach is going to go a long way!
Think ‘Circus’ in the 19th century in the broadest sense. It is weird and wonderful and tough at times but the time travel and story-telling & being a mini master of all things in a short space of time is a fantastic and unique experience.
Number one rule: Offer a cup of tea or coffee. Toast is good too! I cannot tell you how welcome that is – offer that throughout the day because it seriously cheers people up! “


  • Congratulations to everyone at Classic Prop Hire. Amazing new space, expertise and lovely welcome. Well done to everyone involved
  • Yorkshire – been up to God’s own country a lot recently and it’s looking beautiful this month. And it has the best tea.
  • Negronis in the sunshine – Happy Bank Holiday for Monday!



We are running one of our Induction Workshops on the 15th May 2018– this covers an introduction to the industry, identifying which job your own skills are best suited to, who to call for work and when, creating and industry CV, networking tips and knowing what is expected of you on a production. More details here


We will be running our Production Buying for Film course at Shepperton Studios on 23rd – 24th May 2018.


The course will cover all elements required to work successfully in this role and will be taught by established Production Buyer Elly Meyrick (Darkest Hour, Tulip Fever, Beauty and the Beast). More course information can be found here


It is looking like the next Props course will be in either July or September….


We will only deliver it when we know we can ensure the best tutors are available and given current production levels, that is no easy feat…..more news on that soon. In the meantime please email for an application form.


Thank you so much to everyone who applied to join the Network and the mentors who have volunteered for this round. The support and interest in the scheme is amazing and really appreciated. We are shortlisting and letting people know this week so more news on that to come next month when we will introduce both mentors and mentees……(and if anyone can come up with a better name than ‘mentees’ we’d be delighted to hear it..!)


This month we look to Producer and data genius Stephen Follows. Stephen’s weekly newsletter is one we regularly promote on our courses as it provides insights and information into all aspects of the film industry . It’s fascinating – this week’s is on the difference between a Director of Photography and a Cinematographer and what those terms actually mean…read it here and we thoroughly recommend signing up…….anyway – here is his top tip and one that is so true…..

I spent a large part of my teenage years and early twenties trying to work out how to break in to “The Industry”. Everyone seemed to work with people they already knew and had worked with before. It was like trying to find the end of the sellotape in a perfectly smooth roll. Impossible and unfair!

During that time, I bumped into various people who shared my frustrations. We would catch up from time to time and discuss the impossibility of breaking in. Sometimes I would make a short film, and those people would help me out. Other times they were the one who needed help and I would show up.  We learned together, we helped each other and we become our own support network. 

Then one day, it dawned on me. You don’t really break in to “The Industry” as it first appears to you. You build your own networks and over time, if you work hard and often, your network becomes part of the industry. 

Behind you there will be another round of fresh faces trying to break into your circle. You don’t wish them any ill will but your first choice is always going to be the people you know are reliable and who were there for you before there was money and fame.  

So, if you’re a fresh face, work all you can (on almost anything that will have you) and cherish the people you meet. In ten years, hopefully the best of them we be your helpers, colleagues and bosses. 

And when you get there, remember to send the elevator back down for the next group. 


  • The Split – new BBC drama which was good, but most impressive was it’s crew list where the amount of female crew was notable. Nicely done Sister Pictures.
  • One of our mentees has finally got their dream job – he did everything we advised, worked really hard at the networking and made the most of the opportunities he got. And now he’s contracted on Star Wars Episode 9….we couldn’t be happier and are all so proud of his achievement – now the hard work starts!
  • The sun! Enough said.



What an amazing week it was with two Industry Sessions with both of our fantastic TP Ambassadors – Sarah Greenwood and Tommy Gormley.

Sarah was joined by her Set Decorator Katie Spencer who, on the back of their recent BAFTA and OSCAR nominations, examined their recently acclaimed films Beauty and the Beast and Darkest Hour. They both offered excellent advice and inspiration and as one participant said, “2 hours simply wasn’t long enough – I could have sat listening to them all night


Tommy skilfully talked us through how he approaches the role of the 1st AD on the world largest films, his career route and the challenges he faces day to day on set. We were lucky enough to see a selection of behind the scenes footage of him at work which really showed the scale of what he achieves each day. It was an entertaining and inspirational insight with lots of information to take away. As one of the Network Mentees notes, “an incredible insight into Tommy’s role. What a very special evening.
It was great to see so many people there – a wonderful mix of mentees, trainees and industry professionals – and a huge thank you to Sarah, Katie and Tommy for so willingly sharing their knowledge and experiences with us. It was a lot of inspiration and fun.


This round of the Mentoring Network has now drawn to a close – always bittersweet, but we have very high hopes for this group. So the first part of our work is done….well done to all the mentees, good luck with the next steps and a massive thank you as always to our incredible industry mentors, who have gone above and beyond to make a difference. Set Decorators Lisa Chugg and Alison Harvey, Prop Master Muffin Green, Production Supervisor Donald Sabourin, Supervising Art Director Nick Gottschalk, Standby Props Gary Dawson and Production Buyer Sue Morrison – thank you.

The fifth round of the Network will be open for applications from Tuesday 3rd April 2018. The deadline will be 20th April. Application forms are on the website, click through here


Our applications for funding were successful so we’re very pleased to be announcing a new Production Buying and Props Course. These will hopefully take place in May and July – just confirming studio space and dates. Information will be released on the website and social media – if you are interested in either, let us know and we can add you to the database.


This month’s industry tip comes from one of our alumni. Jemma Buckley came to one of the Props Courses in 2016 and feeling slightly despondent at the lack of career progress and, “that this course was the last chance to give it a go”. She excelled. She went straight from the course onto Allied with Prop Master David Balfour, followed by Ready Player One and Dumbo. She has now moved into working in the Set Decorating department. Her top tip is:

What we all, in our various departments, do and contribute to this industry is incredibly special. And we are lucky, not only because we are all doing something creative and ever changing, but because we are surrounded by, and forever meeting weird and wonderful people. For me, the people make it. And it’s the people who are still there at the end of a job, when the sets are struck and the equipment is packed away. 

So be aware, be kind, be friendly, be helpful, give time and above all, show everyone around you, regardless of post, the respect that you would wish to be treated with.”

Good luck on the new position and the new job Jemma!


  • #TimesUp – we have been having lots of conversations with industry professionals about how this long overdue movement can focus not just on equality in the workplace but also on ensuring the best working conditions – it’s widely acknowledged that improved mental health results in higher levels of productivity but is often compromised by long hours and lack of work/family/life balance. We’ve been thinking and talking about ways we could help in this area – if you have any interest or ideas, please do get in touch.
  • Danny Boyle is directing Bond!
  • Mini Eggs – who doesn’t love a mini egg? Yes, high-end chocs are gorgeous but there is always a place for chocolate with pastel crackling around it!



We are delighted to be kicking off the new Industry Session Programme with our Talking Point Ambassador’s.

The first of these will be with Production Designer Sarah Greenwood and Set Decorator Katie Spencer, both of whom have been nominated for Best Production Design for Beauty and the Beast and Darkest Hour at both the BAFTAs and the Academy Awards. A phenomenal achievement. They will be taking both of these films as case studies and examining the different approaches they took for each one.
This event will take place on Monday 26th March at Warner Bros De Lane Lea. Tickets and more information here


The second Ambassador Industry Session will be with Tommy Gormley, one of the world industry’s leading 1st Assistant Director/CoProducers. Tommy has just wrapped on Mission Impossible 6 and is about to start prep on the latest Star Wars instalment with JJ Abrams. He will be talking about his role as a 1st on the world’s largest shoots and the logistic and scheduling challenges they bring.
This event is pencilled for Thursday 29th March, t.b.c


It has been a long time coming but we hope to have funds confirmed for the next Props Course within the month. We anticipate that the 4 day course will run at one of the studios in June or July – please keep an eye on social media as this is where we will announce dates and open the application process.


This round of the Network has almost completed – they have all done their workshops, had their one to one guidance sessions and are now meeting their mentors. It has been a real success with several already attached to studio films on short term contracts. Well done to them all and a huge thank you again to all our wonderful mentors – more details of who these are on the website.


We’ve been busy evaluating courses for Film London and the GBCT – they are all doing great things. So if you are an emerging producer/director or are working in the camera department, we would recommend you check out their upcoming schemes. /


This month’s top tip comes from Supervising Art Director Chris Lowe – Chris has worked in the industry for over 20 years, with recent credits including DumboStar Wars – the Last Jedi and Spectre.  He has kindly passed on this piece of advice, a timely and invaluable reminder to all Art Directors in production….

Having lunch recently with a Production Designer; we hit upon a ‘simile’ that summed up the precarious nature of helming an Art Department.
When the project you are on is considered to be a tent-pole feature – the production often gathers momentum and the accumulation of tasks ahead starts to outweigh the time proposed to supply, shoot and strike within a given budget.

Question – how to tactfully reduce expectations without collapsing the creative energy of your production.
Answer – Think of your movie as a game of ‘Jenga’ – we collaboratively build the ‘movie tower’ with all the bricks we can muster – then stand-back and carefully remove as many bricks as possible without collapsing your vision.  When the tower simply can’t be economised any more – you have done your job.
It’s not an Art Directors role to close down creative options – but with that helming responsibility comes an expectation that you will deliver it as efficiently as possible.

As ‘Jenga’ originates from the Swahili phrase ‘to build’ we thought it rather fitting!

Brilliant! Chris also wanted to reiterate Ben Dixon’s top tip…check that one out in an earlier newsletter……


  • The spring tidy – yes, call us old fashioned but with Spring (and a potential office move) comes a good old sort out. Time to finally get rid of all those paper call sheets….ebay anyone?! (We heard some were being sold for £30 each!)
  • It’s International Women’s Day tomorrow – we salute and applaud you all! Particularly our female trainees and mentees, our mentors and tutors and the women who are paving the way….also the good men who support us all because there are still a lot of them around……(but tomorrow is our day!)
  • And continuing the theme – Frances McDormand at the Oscars. Enough said.



The 4th round of the Mentoring Network launched this month with 10 new mentees. 
Due to an increase in the art department applications, we decided to focus more on those this time, as well as working with camera and production. Here are our current mentors;

Lisa Chugg, Set Decorator (Detective Pikachu, The Nutcracker and the Four RealmsSnow White & the Huntsmen)
James Foster, Supervising Art Director (Beauty & the Beast, Our Kind of Traitor, Skyfall)
Nick Gottschalk, Supervising Art Director (Mary Queen of Scots, Darkest Hour, Beauty & the Beast)
Muffin Green, Prop Master (The Favourite, Annihilation, Paddington 2)
Alison Harvery, Set Decorator (The Crown Season 2 and 3)
Baz Irvine, Director of Photography (Trauma, Safe House, The Aberfan Young Wives’ Club)
Sue Morrison, Production Buyer (Outlander, Game of Thrones 2012, The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel)
Donald SabourinProduction Supervisor (Now you See Me 2, Transformers: The Last Knight, In the Heart of the Sea)
Dean Thompson, 1st AC (Star Wars: The Last Jedi (Imax), Murder on the Orient Express)

The industry support for this scheme has been overwhelming and we are delighted to add these new mentors to our list. Thank you again for all your time and advice – it really is appreciated. And thank you again to those who have just finished working with the last round of mentees – a list of all previous mentors is listed on our website here.


There have been many requests for the next Props Course. This is a fully practical, immersive course which teaches everything you would be expected to do working in Props. As such, it is expensive and so we depend on funding from the Film Skills Fund to ensure the costs to freelancers are as low as we can make them. This funding is currently waiting for BFI sign off, as part of their new Film Skills Strategy, and as soon as it is, we will be making bids! Watch this space for more news. There is more info on this and the new Props Apprentice and Diploma on the website.


This month’s brilliant top tip come from Make Up Designer Morag Ross (who has worked recently on Ocean’s 8Arrival and Carol) who noted that;

it’s nice to be important, but it’s more important to be nice.” as she says, “just the sweetest and best advice for being aware of fitting in and being part of a whole crew.”  And when, as a makeup artist or hairdresser you’re feeling under pressure, take a moment to tell yourself, ‘ these are hands, not wands!A hairdresser once said that to me and it still makes me laugh ….”   


  • Award build up – absolutely delighted to see our Talking Point Ambassador Sarah Greenwood acknowledged by both BAFTA and The Academy for her Production Design work on both Beauty and the Beast and Darkest Hour. Huge congratulations to her and her Set Decorator Katie Spencer – they have done amazing, and very different, jobs on both productions. So, quite right that this should be recognised. Fingers crossed. This absolutely should be their year.
  • Three Billboards – yes, there has been a lot of hype around this film (and deservedly so) but it just reminds us all what can be achieved on a comparatively small budget. Great performances, great cinematography and interesting design.
  • Cups of tea. Can not get enough. How much is too much?  is the question in the office this month….


Applications are now open for the next round of the TP. Mentoring Network. This is an invaluable opportunity for anyone looking to get in or move on in the film industry. Membership to the Network lasts for 3 months and includes a range of workshops, one to one sessions, networking opportunities and an established, currently working industry mentor.  More information and application form can be found here

It was great to see so many of our Production Buying and Props course participants at our last Networking Drinks – a great way to keep in touch with people and meet industry professionals.
Photography- Emma Edwards


One from us this time – and echoing others who have previously stressed the importance of work life balance; never more important than in the holidays!

“Enjoy the break! And don’t worry about not having something lined up for the New Year – something always turns up.”


  • Creative Skillset has been announced as the delivery body for the new BFI Future Film Skills which is great news – we can’t wait to get started bidding for the money for new courses!
  • Christmas films – same ones every year but that’s what makes them traditional! Interested to hear from anyone who has any new ones to add to the list…..
  • Everything Christmas – carols, twinkly lights, endless food and drink and often at very odd times of the day (mulled wine at 11:30 anyone?) and presents! What’s not to love?!🎄🎁

 A huge thank you to everyone who has taught on our courses and supported the Mentoring Network this year – so many of you have gone above and beyond to help people make progress and it’s really appreciated by us and them. Looking forward to doing more next year!


We’ll be having Christmassy Networking drinks on Friday 8th December from 7.00 – 9.30pm. This will be a great way to catch up with everyone, meet new people, and practise your networking skills! Come and join us at any point during the evening in The Snug Bar at Picturehouse Central, Piccadilly, London. This is a free event but you will need to register your place  as space is limited.


We have had an amazing two days on the Production Buying Course. 10 participants were taken through many details of Production Buying, on different budget ranges and mid-studio budget productions. Production Designer Peter Walpole (Sense8, Jason Bourne, Cloud Atlas), Senior Asst Set Decorator Kathryn Pyle (Mission Impossible 6, Snow White and the Huntsman, Ex Machina) and Production Buyer Lucinda Sturgis (Mission Impossible 6, The Martian, The Dark Knight Rises) were generous in sharing their own experiences and insights into what it takes to succeed in this department. Special thanks also to A&M for a fantastic day spent amongst their vast array of props!

  Photography: Emma Edwards

We ran an Industry Session in Glasgow in early November, looking at how the Art Department and the Production Buying work together effectively. Production Buyer Sue Morrison (Outlander, Game of Thrones, The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel) and Supervising Art Director Charmian Adams (McMafia, My Cousin Rachel, Downton Abbey) discussed the relationship between these two departments and how people can move on with in them. Thanks to Citizen M Hotel Glasgow for their hospitality.

Applications are now open for the next round of our popular Mentoring Network! The TP. Network provides a range of information, workshops and one to one sessions which ensure mentees are industry ready and armed with the right contacts and knowledge to progress their career. One element of this scheme is time spent with an established industry mentor, who provides insights and advice on how to work effectively in their chosen departmentFor an application form click through here

We were shocked and very sad to hear that Camera Operator Mark Milsome had been killed on set in Ghana. Mark was not only an incredibly talented Camera Operator but genuinely one of the kindest people you could meet on set. His death is a huge loss to the industry and our thoughts are very much with his family and friends. His agent has set up a fundraiser page for Mark’s wife and daughter. If you would like to contribute, please click through here 

“You will undoubtedly make sacrifices and it’s never going to be a 9-5 job – but that’s why we do it! It’s the excitement of each day being different and each day being a challenge.” – Production Designer Peter Walpole


  • Paddington 2 – Loved it. Hugh Grant deserves every award going!
  • Murder on the Orient Express – the scale of this film is great. Haris Zambarloukos’s cinematography on 65mm is just beautiful, as are Alexandra Byrne’s costumes. Old school filmmaking at its best.
  • Parkin – it’s December, it’s Parkin time. The best cake for those blustery, cold days. Have you ever heard of it?



We are delighted to be running two training programmes for anyone working in, or looking to work in, the Set Decorating department on feature films and high end TV drama.

The first is an Industry Session in Glasgow where we will be joined by Supervising Art Director Charmian Adams (about to start a large scale tv drama) and Production Buyer Sue Morrison (currently working on Outlander). This informal discussion will look at how the Set Decorating team collaborate with the Art department to create a cohesive and authentic design.
The second programme is a 2 day course at Pinewood Studios, examining all aspects of being a successful Production Buyer. This course will be led by Set Decorator Peter Walpole, Senior Asst Set Decorator (currently working on Netflix drama Sense8Kathryn Pyle and Production Buyer Lucinda Sturgis (both currently working on Mission Impossible 6). We’re sure they will provide a comprehensive overview as well as lots of practical advice and guidance.
The deadline for applications is 10th November. More info is on our website, click through here.
There are travel and accommodation and child/dependent bursaries available on a first come basis. These course costs are subsidised for freelancers by the BFI and Creative Skillset to meet current industry skills gaps.

The 3rd round of mentees are in the process of having their 1:1 sessions, having completed the Induction Workshops at the BFI earlier this month. Mentees from the last round have been busy with set and location visits on a range of large scale feature films and enjoying the opportunity to observe their mentors at work.

Work will be starting in the next few weeks on the next stage of this new film industry apprenticeship programme for new entrants into the Props department. The National Diploma is almost ready for existing Props technicians looking to become qualified – so exciting times ahead.

We have had lots of enquiries about the next Props Course – quick update. This course has to date been funded by the BFI/Creative Skillset Film Skills Fund which makes a huge difference in terms of the cost for freelancers. The 70% discount makes a significant difference on a practical course like this. Unfortunately, the funding for the next round has not been released yet as the BFI are still to announce their delivering partner for the new Film Skill Strategy.  As soon as that happens, applications for funding will open and we will get the ball rolling….realistically, it’s looking like early 2018. Watch this space!
We’ll be having Christmassy Networking drinks on Friday 8th December from 7.30pm. A great way to catch up with everyone, meet new people, and practise your networking skills! Pop the date in your diary and we’ll be in touch again soon with all the details.


“If you’re not having fun and enjoying it….most of the time… then don’t do it, as it’s too much like hard work.”
Katie Spencer, Set Decorator (Darkest Hour, Beauty and the Beast, Our Kind of Traitor)We couldn’t agree more.


  • Weinstein – this is most certainly not a ‘thing we have been enjoying’ but may lead to that eventually…..whilst not surprising, it has been truly shocking to hear the extent of trauma one person has inflicted on a whole industry and we certainly applaud those who have been brave enough to come forward and ignore their iron clad NDAs to inform us of the large scale damage. Despite the horror, it does feel like a watershed moment and we can only hope it will provide far more than reflection – instead, much needed positive action and permanent change. This may be the necessary catalyst to create a safe and gender equal workforce…..and that is definitely something we like.
  • Haramaki – these barely noticeable Japanese body wraps make an unbelievable difference to body temperature. Wear them to trap heat and keep toasty all day long….perfect for cold, draughty studios or wintery locations…a part of normal day to day dressing in Japan, where they believe keeping kidneys warm is the key to good health…..£12 is a small price to pay!
  • BiFA – massive congratulations to all the nominees but we are particularly thrilled that two of our TP Mentoring Network mentors are involved with productions that have been nominated – Michael Elliot’s Jawbone has been nominated for best Director and Writer, and Gavin Humphries has been nominated for best producer for Pin Cushion. We wait with baited breath…


We are very excited to announce that we have been working with the British Film Designer’s Guild and many Set Decorators on a new programme of courses for Production Buyers. These will run in November – the first one is a 2 day course for Petty Cash Buyers and new Production Buyers, covering all areas of how to be successful within the Set Decorating department. This will take place at Pinewood Studios at the end of November (dates tbc).Tutors will include Peter Walpole Set Decorator (Jason, Bourne, Sense 8, Jupiter Ascending), Kathryn Pyle Senior Asst Set Dec (Mission Impossible 6, The Mummy, Snow White and the Huntsman) and Lucinda Sturgis Production Buyer (Mission Impossible 6, The Mummy, The Martian).
More details on our website here

The second course will be held in Glasgow as part of our Industry Sessions Programme. This session will look at how the Art department and Set Decorating teams work together effectively and how people can move up the grades and from mid to high budget productions successfully.

Panellists will include Supervising Art Director Charmian Adams (Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell, Close to the Enemy, A Street Cat Named Bob) and Production Buyer Sue Morrison. (Outlander, Game of Thrones, Downton Abbey).

We will be running an industry induction day for anyone looking to get into the industry in production, craft and technical grades on 10th October 2017 at the BFI, Stephen Street, London. Everything you wanted to know about film (but were afraid to ask….)  covers all aspects of being an effective freelancer and what you need to be able to get ahead – please do pass the details on to anyone you think would benefit or be interested.
More details on the website here

The 3rd round for the Mentoring Network launches next week in London, with 10 new mentees all ready for the workshops, one to one sessions, networking events and time with their departmental mentors. We’re always delighted at the calibre of working professionals who want to work with us and this round is no different. Really looking forward to it.


Chris Corbould, SFX Supervisor (The Nutcracker and the Four Realms, Star Wars – The Last Jedi, Star Wars – the Force Awakens) passes on the following advice for those coming into the business (although, this is one that easily applies to everyone!)

Be courteous and respectful to all those around you – rudeness and arrogance inspires no-one.

Nicely said Chris.


  • Contracting for new courses – it seems like endless signatures and scanning documents but it will be worth it! Roll on the new, bigger BFI fund coming in 2018! Great to see that training, which is critical to the industry’s success, is being so supported by funders.
  • The Autumn chill in the air certainly makes daytime cinema trips feel less indulgent! And so many good films to see –very much looking forward to the BFI London Film Festival next month. Industry accreditation deadline is today!
  • Soup. It’s Autumn – let the soup making begin! Always happy to have recipes passed on…..feel free to share! We do love soup.